Monday, September 1, 2014

Mod Mondays - The Shoulder Tie Dress

I have a fun little series planned for the month of September and I have been waiting anxiously to share it with you! I had originally planned to do this series earlier in the summer. Pattern writing, however, took longer than I anticipated and so I had to put this off for a little bit.

Back in the early spring I did a tutorial series on my Shoulder Tie Dress pattern.  The links for this series are in the right hand side bar of my blog. There are so many ways that this simple pattern can be modified to truly make it your own that I wanted to showcase some of them. My hope is that I might inspire some of you to try your own ideas. All of these are very simple modifications that any adventurous beginner to intermediate sewist can do with ease.

The posts will appear on Mondays with the last Monday of September featuring a link party in which you can link to your blog post with your creation. I hope that you will join in on the fun!

Until next Monday, I will leave you with a few teaser pictures. I had so much fun with this little photo shoot!  We set up a little picnic in the park with bubbles and pinwheels and cookies and pink lemonade.  The girls were all great and had a good time playing together, even though some of them had never met before that evening.

Until next time, happy sewing!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Estherlyn's Tobago Jumper Mashup

Graphic Courtesy of Call Ajaire

I happened to be looking through my blog feed this morning and saw that Call Ajaire's Monthly Mash Up using my pattern was featured on The Inspired Wren's blog yesterday!  What fun, and congratulations to Ajaire.  I know that she works hard on this series and has such wonderful ideas.  It's a little surreal to me to see my pattern (or part of it) on someone else's blog. LOL

There is still time to get your Estherlyn's Jumper pattern and mash along!  The 25% code MASHUP will be good through the weekend at both my Etsy shop and my Big Cartel shop.  The Scientific Seamstress also has a sale at their Etsy shop as well, get 40% off with the coupon code GLUESTICK.
And don't forget to join the Facebook page and share your creation!

In other news, I haven't been posting much because I have been working on a flower girl dress and trying to rebuild my website, which is currently a huge mess.  I will post more on those topics later.  I DO however have a little series coming up which will start on Monday and will run through September.

So, until next time...
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Estherlyn's Jumper: Using the Applique Shapes - The Flower Shape

Goodness, has it really been a week since my last post!  It's been a bit of a busy week for me so I apologize for the lack of posts.  I promise I have some fun posts planned for the future.  I had a fun little photo shoot with three little beauties last week for an upcoming series, so be on the lookout for that coming up in September.

Are you mashing along with Ajaire this month?  If so, I have good news for you!  I have renewed the discount codes for my Estherlyn's Jumper at Etsy and my Big Cartel shop and the price is still reduced at Craftsy.  The code is MASHUP and will be in effect through the last day of August.  There is still plenty of time to join in the fun!

Last week I showed some ideas for using the heart shape that comes with the Estherlyn's Jumper pattern.  This week I have some ideas for the flower shape to show you.  Hopefully these will get your creativity going and you will come up with your own ideas.

First of all some ideas using the flower shapes just as they are.  You can use them individually or you can layer them together.

My favorite designs use an added center.  You could use a button, a yo-yo, or maybe a small circle, or maybe an embroidered center.  I think a running stitch in a spiral in the center would be cute. Again, you can layer them if you like.  The layering can be centered or not centered, I think it is fun either way. The choices are really up to you.  

I hope that these have given you some ideas all your own to use on your jumper.  If you make one I'd love to see you share your creation on the MCM Studio Designs Facebook Page, and don't forget to blog about it and share the link at Ajaire's blog.

Until next time,
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Estherlyn's Jumper: Using the Applique Shapes - The Heart Shape

Are you mashing along with Call Ajaire this month?  If so, you will see in my Estherlyn's Jumper pattern that I have included shapes that can be used for appliqué or pockets.  I thought I would share just a few ways that some of them could be used, just to get your creative juices flowing!  For size reference I used the smallest size of the appliqué shapes and the 3 month skirt so that everything is in real proportions.  If you are making bigger sizes then you may want to use the bigger shape templates.

First up this week is the heart shape.

Perhaps just one or two for something sweet and simple.

Maybe you want to layer two sizes together in different fabrics.  These could also be offset from each other for a little different look. 

Maybe you want to add some embroidery to the other part of the skirt. 

Perhaps sweetheart balloons.

 Add a simple stem cut freehand and you could have a St Patty's Day dress. 

Autumn is just around the bend, so maybe a pretty tree in fall colors is appealing to you. Just add an easy brown trunk.  

There are lots of other combinations that could be done with these little hearts.  Hopefully these little examples will help you start thinking creatively about how they can be used on your dress!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Whimsical Fabrics

Just popping in for a quick post to let you all know that my pattern can now be found at Whimsical Fabric!

Stop by and check out this fantastic little store!  Along with fabric, patterns and notions, you can also find clothing blanks and packaging supplies.  There are so many very cute things there and there is currently a Back to School sale!

Danielle, who owns the store, also does sew alongs on her Facebook page, so keep an eye open for the next one!  They look like a lot of fun. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Monthly Mash Up with Call Ajaire

Graphic Courtesy of

I am so excited to finally be able to share this with you!

Have you seen Call Ajaire's Monthly Mash Up series?  This is where Ajaire takes two patterns and mashes them together into one great outfit, and she invites you to join along.  She reveals how she altered the pattens to create something new and gives instruction as to how you can create your own mash up.  You can join the link party to show off your creations.  It's such a great series and has produced so many cute, cute things!

I was beyond flattered when Ajaire contacted me about using my Estherlyn's Jumper for her mash up for August.  Really!  MY pattern?!  I have always said that I want my blog and my patterns to be all about inspiring creativity in others and this opportunity goes perfectly hand in hand with that.  Of course I HAD to say yes!

She has chosen the Tobago Tank from Sis Boom patterns to be the other pattern for this month's combination.  I love the neckline on this sweet pattern and I am looking forward to seeing this awesome mash up!  I might even mash along myself!

To celebrate this fun adventure I am offering a discount code for both my Etsy shop and my Big Cartel shop.  The code is MASHUP and can be used for a 25% discount from August 7th-August 14th.  I will also temporarily drop the price for the pattern at Craftsy so you have many options if you would like to purchase it and mash along with Ajaire. :)

Ajaire will also be giving away a free copy of the pattern to one lucky winner, so be sure to head over to her blog and register to win!

I invite you to join up and mash along with Ajaire.  Throughout the month I will also be sharing some of my ideas for how you can make your mash up unique!  I hope that you will stop back by during the month and check them out.

Please feel free to share your mash up creation at my Facebook page, too.  I'd love to see what you all come up with!

Until next time... Happy Sewing (and Happy Mashing)!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lauren's Flower Girl Dress

A couple of years ago a friend asked me to make a flower girl dress for her wedding.  I did a quick photoshop mock up of the style she wanted using a photo of a similar style in a similar fabric so that she would have an idea of what it would look like when finished.  The sash will be different, but the fabric is similar.  She really wanted the one shoulder look because that is what the bridesmaids are wearing.  I talked her into letting me put a thin strap on the other shoulder, because, let's face it, little girls are not built like big girls and I was afraid that it would gap.  I bought some black ruffle elastic for that little strap which I think will be super cute!

Just as I was about ready to start cutting the fabric for the dress, she informed me that she had postponed her wedding.  Thankfully I had not begun cutting into the fabric yet!  And in retrospect, even more glad that the company from which I ordered the fabric accidentally filled my order twice!  When I contacted them about it, they told me to keep the extra yardage.  There is plenty of this satin damask print for a bigger size dress.

My original plan for this dress was to modify an existing pattern, per my usual MO back in those days.  However, since taking the Pattern Workshop course, I have decided that I might get a better fit by drafting it myself.

So, that is what I did this weekend.  I drafted the bodice and made a muslin.  I have yet to try it on the little gal to see how it fits.  I'm hoping it fits well on the first go, but we will see.

I also started work on a little ruffled, tiered, half slip for her to wear under her dress to add some fullness.  I thought about building a crinoline into the dress.  I realized, after thinking about it for a while, that a half slip might be more useful to them because she can wear it with other dresses as well.

I have been trying a technique I have not tried before.  Making the ruffles on my serger.  After having broken two needles trying this method, I think I might have figured it out.  I'm not sure that I am crazy about doing the ruffles this way, to be honest.  The gathered edge looks a bit too messy for my taste.  It is, however, considerably faster than the traditional method of gathering that I usually use.  Maybe I'm just too much of a traditionalist because I know this isn't a new technique, it's just one that I have never explored.

So, what about you?  What projects have you been working on this weekend?  What new things are you learning or trying?